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Vision Statement Of The Rising People’s Party

The RPP affirms the sovereignty of God over our people, land and resources

The RPP is committed to establishing a ‘new Nagaland’

And therefore,

The RPP is founded on the resounding call of our people for real definite change and their aspiration to bring healing, restoration and rebuild Nagaland

The RPP believes that the way forward is to honestly introspect on our collective failures, rise to the challenge and work together towards problem-solving that will provide real solutions to our people

The divisiveness of the past and present as well as the abuse of power epitomized by the prevailing systemic corruption in our society is at the root of most problems in Nagaland

And therefore,

The RPP pledges to create an enabling ecosystem that is rooted in inclusiveness and fair-play and that will stir our people and State towards a better future, especially for our children

The RPP promises to bring humility and servant leadership back into politics. It also believes in reclaiming the good in politics for “Righteousness exalts a nation” (Proverbs 14: 34).

The RPP asserts that this is the time for the empowerment of a new generation. Our people deserve a new political ideology and a new vision that offers hope and gives courage to rebuild Nagaland.

The RPP believes in new wineskins filled with new thoughts, new visions, new ideas and new strategies to create the new kind of politics.

Above all, the RPP believes in the power of the Almighty God to bring real transformation of our people and land. We, therefore, have full faith that:

  • Our People can build a New Nagaland.
  • Our People can elect God-fearing candidates.
  • Our People can exercise their franchise as God-fearing voters.

To usher in a new paradigm, the RPP shall play its part as a political party in the people’s movement for a ‘new Nagaland’ guided by the above vision and serve as stewards for our people under His Almighty grace and power.