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Mission Statement Of The Rising People’s Party

No society can progress without having some order in place. The RPP would initiate political and administrative reforms with the aim to repair and rebuild the State apparatus. Among other issues, the areas that shall be accorded top priority and taken up with a renewed sense of urgency are the election laws, tackling corruption and maintenance of law and order in the State. The RPP shall undertake measures that would go into ensuring clean elections, zero-tolerance to corruption and respect for the rule of law. 

The RPP shall evolve an integrated policy to industrial, agricultural, farmers and entrepreneurship incorporating best practices with the goal of creating a self-reliant Nagaland. Inclusive development cannot be complete without empowering womenthe youth and the underdeveloped sections of the society. Special attention shall be given for the representation and participation of women, the youth and the weaker sections particularly those in remote areas of the State.

As the largest employer and a major source of livelihood for the majority of people in the State, it is imperative that the government sector receive special focus. One of the main objectives of the RPP would be to restore independence of bureaucracy and bring back public faith in the bureaucracy as the engine of the State machinery.

Efforts would be directed towards depoliticization of State bureaucracy and putting in place a watertight mechanism in the process of recruitment by undertaking reforms in the NPSC and the NSSB so that there is no room for backdoor appointments.

To rebuild Nagaland, there is a need to relook and review the existing policies of key sectors including healthcare and welfare policieseducation and skill development policies, the state of basic infrastructure of transport and communication and tapping our natural resources for sustainable use and revenue and employment generation. Sports will be made an inherent part of our cultural landscape.

The RPP shall work for an inclusive and sustainable development of the State. To achieve this objective, it is imperative to address the current fiscal policy by initiating a credible programme/modality of fiscal consolidation and work towards rationalization of assets/resources of the State.

Protecting the rights of the State would form a chief objective. The RPP shall fight against attempts to weaken the federal structure and would work for greater consolidation of the federal arrangement between the Centre and the States. Towards this end, safeguarding Article 371 (A) and declaring Nagaland State Rights Day for protecting Naga rights and identity (against the backdrop of abrogation of Article 370 in J&K) and demand for greater representation in the Parliament for Nagaland would be given a priority.

As a part of this endeavour, the RPP shall give particular focus towards strengthening fraternity among the Northeast States and its people towards safeguarding the rich cultures, heritage and rights over land and resources.

As enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution of RPP, rights and duties of citizens go hand-in-hand. In line with Article 29 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that reminds us of “Everyone has duties to the community…”, the RPP shall frame a Charter of Duties applicable to all citizens to be adopted by the Nagaland Assembly.