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Reply to G. Kinnimi Sumi with some brotherly advice

Dear G. KinnimiSumi

Thank you for giving the RPP an opportunity to clarify on the issues you have raised.

The RPP is genuinely fighting for a merit based society, especially in terms of employment opportunities in the government sector. This is the reason why the PIL was filed and the RPP is grateful to the Honourable Judges of the HC, Justice SongkhupchungSerto and JusticeS. HukatoSwu for upholding fairness in the recruitment process by suspending the Office Memorandum dated 16th July 2021.

Unfortunately, the whole premise of your lengthy article is based on the argument that suspending the OM has affected the NPSC exams, which is NOT. You got your FACTS wrong.

It is obvious that in your confusion you have mislead the general public. When the government banned appointments a year back in 2020 vide its notification dated 22ndApril 2020 or notified for “Partial lifting of appointment” on 16thJuly 2021, the 2 (two) notifications had nothing to do with NPSC exams, rather it pertained to exams conducted by “government departments.”The NPSC had its own reasons for not conducting NCS/NPS/CTN exams, which is the COVID pandemic. Despite your article, the RPP would like to make it clear that suspending the OM dated 16th July 2021 DOES NOT suspend NPSC EXAMS. We repeat, IT DOES NOT SUSPEND NPSC EXAMS.

This fact is evident in your contradictory article itself, which is, point no. 4. You stated, “Lastly, NPSC…Combined technical Services will be held this month. Even recruitment for the post of stenographer is already advertised.” Indeed, the advertisement for the stenographer post was issued by the NPSC on the 2nd September 2021. This was after the Hon’ble Judges had suspended the 16th July 2021 OM on the 1st September 2021. As 99.9% of the civil services aspirants would know, this would not be the case if the suspension of the OM included NPSC exams as well.

Secondly, it’s obvious that you have jumped to a prejudiced conclusion regarding the RPP without going through our PIL petition. In page 41 of our PIL, it states that the court “Direct the respondents (the Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary, Department of P and AR) to make AGE RELAXATION criterion to be counted from the commencement of the NSSB, Regulation, that is, from 31st JULY 2020, and NOT from 22nd April, 2021, in the INTEREST of JUSTICE for those candidates who OVERAGE while waiting for NSSB to be made functional.” This para is self-explanatory.

Thirdly, you seem to be highly in favour of Departmental Exams (DEs). 99.9% of the civil service aspirants will tell you that Departmental Exam is an eye wash to justify backdoor appointments. For your information, when appointments are made by the departments without proper advertisements inviting applications from the candidates, it is called backdoor appointment. To give legal sanctity to backdoor appointments, the state government found a loophole in the process. Thus, we have the so-called departmental exams being conducted by the departments (who are ill qualified with conflict of interest to add), after apparently fulfilling all the legal requirements, that is, inviting applications from the candidates after issuing advertisements in the papers. To do away with this loophole, and to allow experts and qualified people to conduct exams, the constitution of India allows for independent institutions called UPSC/NPSC/SSC/NSSB, etc., which is to be outside the purview of government interference. The RPP is surprised and disturbed as well that a learned man like you should easily brush aside the utility of these institutions in favour of the intricate system called backdoor appointment which favours only the relatives of elite society or people with political connections.

Lastly, the RPP is perturbed and aghast as to why you should be worried as to whom credit will go to after the NSSB is operationalized? The RPP is simply a facilitator of good governance having a heart and a burden for the younger generation. An enlightened man like you should not worry too much about fame and credit which are but like wisps of air. If at all, the credit for the formation of NSSB will go to ACAUT, PSAN and NSF. However, with regard to operationalization of NSSB, the Hon’ble HC is the final say, and it is not proper for you or the RPP to talk about credit when the issue is still pending in the Court of the Hon’ble Judges.

A learned man like you has great responsibilities. It is obvious that in your hurry to take on the RPP you got your FACTs wrong. While the RPP is open to criticism and feedback, unfortunately in your case you have mislead our people, especially the civil service aspirants. Inorder that you don’t commit the same mistake twice, the RPP would like to give you a brotherly advice, “Look before you leap.”


Issued by the Rising People’s Party