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People’s Report on implementation of CSS

A month back the Rising People’s Party had sought people’s report on anomalies in implementation of central projects (centrally Sponsored Schemes) pertaining to the year 2019-20 in the state. The RPP is grateful to the whistleblowers for furnishing their reports to the party.

Out of the 18 projects highlighted, only a few seems to be genuine, though the party is yet to receive completion certificates of projects from the department. Regardless of whether the projects have been implemented or not, since the project completion period is already over – of duration 18-24 months, the RPP will file complaints with the appropriate authority.

However, most of the projects seems to exist in paper only. This is the horrible state of affairs, an example of how the state government has become so adept at fooling the central government in extracting funds for implementing fake projects for personal benefits.

To clear the air, though the 18 projects were sanctioned by the Tribal Affairs Ministry, it was implemented by the Planning and Co-ordination Department, the latter being the implementing department till 2020.

Sl. no Name of the project Cost of the project Area/place Project Status
1. Establishment of Tribal Hostel Rs. 1 Crore Niuland, Dimapur Incomplete
2. Food Processing Plant Rs. 4 Crore New Minister’s Hill, Kohima Non-existent
3. Vocational Training Institute Rs. 1. 20 Crore Diphupar ‘B’, Dimapur Non-existent
4. Vocational Training Institute Rs. 80 Lakhs Old Minister’s Hill, Kohima Non-existent
5. Indoor Stadium Rs. 1 Crore Seyochung, Kiphire Non-existent
6. Construction of Playground and rostrum Rs. 1 Crore Changkong village, Mon Implemented
7. Community Hall Rs. 1.50 Crore Jotsoma village, Kohima Under construction
8. Working Women Hostel Rs. 1.20 Crore Mon Non-existent
9. Organic Food Processing Plant Rs. 2 Crore Tuli, Mokokchung According to the department Work-order is yet to be issued
10. Old Age Home Rs. 68 Lakhs Sungratsu, Mokokchung Implemented
11. Integrated Farming:

Intended to benefit whole village

Rs. 1 crore Mongsemyimti, Mkg Unknown
12. Coffee Plantation:

Intended to benefit 400 beneficiaries

Rs. 1 Crore Botsa block, Kohima Unknown
13. Fishery and Hatchery Unit

Intended to benefit 300 beneficiaries

Rs. 50 Lakhs Sovima village, Dimapur Unknown
14. Piggery and Dairy Farming:

Intended to benefit 200 beneficiaries

Rs. 50 lakhs Chiechama village, Kohima Unknown
15. Multi-Farming: Intended to benefit 200 beneficiaries Rs. 50 Lakhs Vidima village, Dimapur Unknown
16. Multi-Farming:Intended to benefit 200 beneficiaries Rs. 50 Lakhs Akuk Village, Wokha Unknown
17. Cultivation of Indigenous Wild Berries: Intended to benefit 300 beneficiaries Rs. 75 lakhs Sokhuvi, Dimapur Unknown
18. Community Diversity project Rs. 2. 95 Crore Longleng district Unknown


Projects under ‘Unknown’ category are extremely difficult to verify since it pertains to farming and allied activities. Even if there has been implementation of projects (from sl. nos. 11-18),it can be safely assumed that the private farms of VIPs have been developed instead. This is illegal because the whole purpose of Tribal Ministry funding is to benefit tribals and poor farmers in the states.

Given the circumstances, the only conclusion which the RPP can surmise is that the state government has been guilty of misappropriating money meant for the farmers. In short, TRIBAL MINISTRY FUNDING EQUALS POCKET MONEY OF MINISTERS AND VIPS.


Issued by Rising People’s Party

6thOctober 2021