/ / / PDA government has destroyed the aspirations of the students

PDA government has destroyed the aspirations of the students

While the harassment meted to its own employees with regard to threat to withhold salary still persists, the state government has come out with another tone-deaf notification whichhas destroyed the concept of meritocracy with one stroke of a pen.

The DPAR notification dated 16th July 2021 under the subject “Partial lifting of appointments” empowering 76 departments to conduct the so-called ‘departmental exams’ on 1517 posts is perhaps the most blatant and audacious misconduct of this PDA government.

At a function to felicitate 50 meritorious students who were awarded Chief Minister’s Meritorious Students’ Fellowship on the 19 July, the CM had called upon the Education department “to equip students to face the world with confidence and help realize their potential.” These are wonderful words but the sleight of hand is that instead of helping students actually realize their potential after studies through fair means, the government is instead facilitating back-door appointments. The PDA government is speaking in forked tongue and therefore directly responsible for destroying the lives of thousands of meritorious students.

The notification has also proposed an age relaxation for a period of 1 year with effect from 22nd April, 2020. Age relaxation for 1 year means the relaxation is till 22nd April 2021 only which does not benefit even a single student because notification on exam has not been issued since 2020. Age relaxation should have been from the date of issue of the 16 July 2021 notification covering the entire sequence of examination to be conducted, that is,till result is declared.

This notification is not only irrational but stupid as well.

The RPP stands for the student community and it reiterates that all the 1517 declared posts should be brought under the purview of NPSC and NSSB with immediate effect. There is no logical reason in delaying conduct of exams under NSSB, and the RPP can only conclude that the government has fooled the entire student community.

The so-called ‘Unity Government of Nagaland’ has no heart for our students and not ironically its policies reflect as such.

(Dr. ABENY KHUVUNG)                                                         (ZHOKHOI CHUZHO)

Vice-President                                                                       President

Rising People’s Party                                                             Rising Youth

20th July 2021