The much awaited interactive session at Tseminyu town was scheduled to be held on the 28th of August 2021 at 12:30pm, but owing to unavoidable circumstances the meeting started an hour late. The Hall, packed with Intellectual citizens, entrepreneurs, farmers, elders, women and youth alike accorded their warmest welcome to the RPP team from Dimapur led by the president Mr. Joel Naga. Meshenlo Kath an Active member of the RPP along with Moses took the whole initiative in coordinating for the success of the Tseminyu interactive meeting session.

President of the RPP Joel Naga without further anticipation, started the session with a prayer and a formal introduction of the RPP central office bearers and members. He briefed on the necessity of such interactive sessions with the intellectual public and encouraged everyone present to share their thoughts and opinions related to the Party as well as the present turmoil in the governance system of Nagaland. The Team from Dimapur were firstly given the opportunity to convey their messages to the masses.

Zhokhoi, president of the Rising Youth reminded the masses that the Rengmas were since time immemorial known to be respected warriors and leaders among the Nagas and therefore that spirit of respect for the Rengmas is deeply embedded in his Heart and Soul. Presently he has all the appreciation for Joel Naga because he sees the same quality and capacity of leadership in him, and he will vouch for him no matter what.

Ngukato, an active member of the RPP also spoke on why he chose the RPP under the leadership of Joel Naga and the importance of choosing an educated and intelligent leader. He strongly reminded the Rengma community that they need to make the right decision in choosing Joel Naga when they are faced with such a good opportunity instead of regretting in the future.

Vitho Zao, Treasurer of the RPP on being asked about Justice delivery for the general public responded by saying that in order to achieve justice, the people needs to utilize their right to choose the leader who can actually deliver it. He cited an example where he said that a servant doesn’t pay the owner to work but instead the owner needs to pay the servant for the work done. However, in our present system politicians who are supposed to be public servants, pay the voters during elections, therefore what good should the public expect after elections when they have already sold their votes? He concluded his message by saying that we need to change the process of electing our leaders. And the RPP is sowing the good seed. A seed which will grow to be a good tree and bear good fruits. The choice is up to the people because the RPP stands against Money power, Gun power and Muscle power. The RPP stands for true democracy therefore we the people must refrain from selling our votes, our rights and our bodies for the sake of a better future.

General Secretary Amai Chingkhu, VP Abeny as well  as a few other members further stressed on the need for a movement such as the RPP with its pure visions and manifestos with God being at the core of the party. Change must start from the youths of the present generation because the youths of the present are educated intellectuals beaming with innovations and ideas that can bring about a new Nagaland. A new Nagaland which will be focussed on Freedom, Democracy, Ethics, Development, Economic sustainability and progress. The session ended with a short interaction, mass prayer and dinner prepared by the coordinating team at Tseminyu.