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Fraud committed by Nagaland Government?

It’s now amply clear that the August 18 consultative meeting was never about women reservation per se. It was all about funds. The one and only agenda of theAugust 18 meeting was the government’s insatiable desire to access the ULB funds amounting to several hundred Crores by holding ULB elections at the earliest, possibly by January or February of 2022, funds which is being currently held up by the central government since 2008. This fact cannot be denied because no women representatives were invited to the consultative meeting.

Basically the ruling politicians want to create a war chest (funds) for the 2023 state assembly elections by accessing theULB funds.Therefore, the August 18 exercise was a fraud committed by the state government disguised as discussion on women reservation and others for which the NUG should immediately rectify their deliberate mistake and apologize to the womenfolk of Nagaland and the 14 tribes.

Meanwhile the NUG should be dubbed as the NCG (Nagaland Consultative Government). There has been no dearth of formation of committees/commissions and holding of endless numbers of consultative meetings since the PDA/NUG came to power:

  1. Consultative meeting on CAB – 30thJanuary 2019
  2. Consultative meeting on peace talks and one solution – 14thOctober 2020
  3. Consultative meeting on job reservation demand by ENSF – 5th March 2021
  4. Consultative meeting on RIIN – 16th April 2021 (JCPI was not invited)
  5. Consultative meeting with ULB/Reservation/RIIN/Boundary – 18thAugust 2021
  6. Cabinet sub-committee on Dimapur-Peren boundary issue headed by Minister PangyuPhom- 2019
  7. Cabinet sub-committee on Dimapur-Peren boundary issue headed by Dy CM Y. Patton – 2021
  8. Review Committee on job reservation headed by Addl CS – August 2019
  9. Cabinet sub-committee on job reservation – 2021
  10. 15 member Working Group on job reservation – 5thMarch 2021

Theformation of the various committees and the consultative meetings are all delay tactics which continue to fool everyone. While none of the burning issues have been resolved, the state exchequer seems to be depleting at a fast pace.

Issued by the Rising People’s Party

20th August 2021